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Programs are to complete all forms and applications through the ACGC AMS system. To request forms, please use the Request Forms link.

standards & accreditation manual

The following policies, documents and applications are based on the new Standards of Accreditation, effective September 1, 2023. Programs must be in compliance of the revised 2023 Standards by August 1, 2024.  Applications are available for download for your reference. Programs are required to complete these applications in an online format in the accreditation management system (AMS) implemented by ACGC. Please contact us at info@gceducation.org to gain access to the AMS.

Practice Based Competencies

The Practice-Based Competencies guide describes the seven practice-based competencies that are necessary for practice as an entry-level genetic counselor. Embedded within the seven competencies are 25 sub-competencies that support the attainment of the practice-based competencies. 

These competencies, along with the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counselors’ Standards of Accreditation, provide guidance for the training of genetic counselors and for evaluating trainees’ knowledge and skills. The didactic and experiential components of a genetic counseling training curriculum must support the development of proficiency in the following competencies: 1) Genetics and Genomics Expertise, 2) Risk Assessment, 3) Counseling, 4) Communication, 5) Research, 6) Healthcare Systems, and 7) Professional Identity. These competencies and skills, as defined by the sub-competencies, describe the minimal skill set of a genetic counselor which should be applicable across practice settings. Appendix 1 is Definition of Terminology . Appendix 2 is the rationale and process taken to create this version of the practice-based competencies. Bolded words are defined in the Definition of Terminology. 

Programs must be incompliance with the revised PBCs by June 15, 2025.

To download the full ACGC Practice-Based Competencies guide, click here.



For access to the Substantive Change forms please contact Amalia Paul at info@gceducation.org

For access to the Program Leadership Change form, please contact Amalia Paul at info@gceducation.org.

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Effective January 1, 2023, ACGC will implement updates to the program fee structure.

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