Standards of Accreditation

The public comment period on proposed ACGC Standards of Accreditation revisions is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

A draft of the Standards of Accreditation with the proposed revisions is available here. For a complete Standards Outline, click here. The new Standards are scheduled to be released by October 1, 2019, at which time ACGC will announce dates by which programs need to be compliant.

The Standards for Accreditation as established and adopted by ACGC are used by the board in accrediting master’s degree-granting programs that prepare individuals to enter the genetic counseling profession. The extent to which a program complies with these standards determines its accreditation status. The Standards therefore constitute the minimum requirements to which an accredited program is held accountable. The Standards are to be used for external and internal evaluation of existing graduate programs in genetic counseling and should provide guidance for the development of new graduate programs.

Download Standards of Accreditation