Open Positions

Communication Committee:

These volunteers are charged with creating an integrated communication strategy for ACGC and for making recommendations on the strategy’s implementation and how resources will be deployed. The committee is also responsible for regularly updating and marketing information about the organization’s activities as well as contributing to industry publications on behalf of the Council.

Nominating Committee:

These volunteers are responsible for reviewing and proposing a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. They are mindful of the composition of the current Board and potential strategic additions for the future of the Board.

Standards Committee:

These volunteers are responsible for maintaining the Standards for Accreditation, the guidance document for the process of accreditation of graduate programs in our profession. They lead a comprehensive review of all standards every 4 years, as well as responding to emergent needs between comprehensive review cycles.

Please check back periodically to see the roles for which ACGC is seeking volunteers. The ACGC Volunteer Application Form is available here. Thank you for our many volunteers from this past year – we couldn’t do it without you!

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policies

Volunteers completing work for ACGC including individuals who serve on the Board of Directors, Committee members, and Task Force members must comply with ACGC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality policies.


ACGC Guidance Related to Compliance with the Standards in Time of COVID-19 View Here