The Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC) advances quality in genetic counseling education by developing standards, and by evaluating and accrediting programs.



ACGC is the leading accrediting body for educational programs in genetic counseling. ACGC supports the development of quality educational programs in genetic counseling by:

  • Providing visionary leadership and excellent communication
  • Working collaboratively
  • Engaging stakeholders in a standard-setting process that proactively considers the impact of new standards and policies
  • Applying the Standards fairly and consistently
  • Collecting and disseminating data that support best practices and quality assessment
  • Permitting flexibility and innovation in programs and curricula
  • Assessing quality based on educational outcomes


Strategic Goals 2018-2021

GOAL 1: Communicate the value and role of accreditation in ensuring quality in genetic counselor graduate education.

GOAL 2: Explore areas of challenge and opportunity for genetic counselor graduate education, as identified by training programs and other key stakeholders, to inform standards, policies, and procedures.

GOAL 3: Explore the role of North American accreditation standards, policies, and procedures within the international landscape of genetic counselor graduate education, certification/registration, and practice.

GOAL 4: Continue to develop operational policies and procedures that ensure long-term stability of the organization.


ACGC Guidance Related to Compliance with the Standards in Time of COVID-19 View Here