For Volunteers

ACGC relies on its volunteers to complete a number of organizational activities critical to its mission. There are a number of ways in which you can become involved if interested in volunteering.

Board of Directors

Call for Board Nominations

ACGC is currently seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. For more information, click here.   The management of the affairs of ACGC is vested in a Board of Directors, consisting of members with varying areas of expertise relevant to the process of accreditation.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors financial investments, works with an investment advisor under the guidance of the investment policy, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard to fiscal policies.

Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee reviews applications submitted by programs seeking ACGC accreditation. This committee will review accreditation applications to assess whether programs are compliant with the Standards of Accreditation and make recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding the accreditation decisions.

Site Visitors

The site visitor team serves as the eyes and ears of ACGC while visiting a genetic counseling program on location. Site visitors meet with program leadership, institutional leadership, students, faculty, alumni, and others as they evaluate programs under review.

Standards Committee

ACGC also recruits volunteer members for various task forces throughout the year. If you are interested in being available for a future task force, please complete a Volunteer Application and submit it to the Executive Office. You may be contacted if task force topics align with your areas of interest/expertise.